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Welcome to ADONWELD – Your Trusted Welding Machine Manufacturer, Supplier, and Welding Accessories Provider in Mumbai

At ADONWELD, we take immense pride in being a leading name in the welding industry, specializing in Researching, Manufacturing, and supplying quality welding and cutting products. As a dedicated welding machine manufacturer and supplier, we cater to the diverse needs of welders, professionals, and industries in Mumbai and surrounding areas.

Our Product Range:

  • Welding Machines: As a renowned welding machine manufacturer, we offer an extensive array of welding machines that include Arc Welding Transformers, Arc Welding Rectifiers, Gas-Tungsten Arc Welding Machines (GTAW), Plasma Cutting Sets, Submerged Arc Welding Machines (SAW), MIG/MAG/CO2 Welding Machines (GMAW), and Inverter-Based Welding Machines utilizing advanced technology (MOSFET based and IGBT based welding machines).
  • Welding Accessories: To complement our welding machines, we provide a comprehensive range of welding accessories, ensuring a seamless welding experience. Our welding accessories include welding helmets, welding gloves, welding electrodes, welding rods, welding wire, and more.
  • Welding Cable: We understand the importance of reliable power supply during welding operations. That’s why we offer high-quality welding cables that ensure efficient power transfer and durability.

Why Choose ADONWELD?

  • Quality Commitment: As a welding machine manufacturer, we are committed to delivering products of unmatched quality. Our welding machines and accessories undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet international standards.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Embracing advanced technology, our inverter-based welding machines (MOSFET and IGBT based) offer enhanced energy efficiency and precise welding control.
  • Extensive Industry Experience: With years of experience in the welding industry, we possess in-depth knowledge to meet the unique demands of our customers effectively.
  • Customer – Centric Approach: We prioritize our customers’ needs and offer personalized solutions to help them choose the right welding products for their specific projects.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of time in welding projects. Hence, we ensure timely delivery of products, enabling our customers to complete their tasks efficiently.
  • Superior Customer Support: Our dedicated team of experts is always available to provide technical assistance and guidance, ensuring our customers’ welding operations run smoothly.
  • Safety Assurance: As a responsible welding machine supplier, we focus on safety, supplying reliable welding equipment to ensure a secure welding environment.
  • Whether you are a professional welder, a welding workshop, or an industry requiring welding solutions, ADONWELD has got you covered with our top-quality welding machines, welding accessories, and welding cables. Trust in our expertise and product excellence to achieve exceptional welding results.
  • Contact us today to explore our range of welding products and experience unparalleled welding solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s forge a strong bond of excellence in welding together.


To become the leading source provider for all your welding machine and cutting equipment and alongwith all welding accessories.


To provide “Complete Welding and Cutting Solutions” and Increase productivity by making your welding processes faster and easier.


Aim to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products, competitive price, on time delivery and excellent services.