About Us

ADONWELD  is a professional welding company who is specializing in Researching, Manufacturing and importing welding and cutting products. Established in 2019 by setting up their design, production and quality management facilities at Mumbai. Over a decades of experience in welding and cutting products has greatly helped ADONWELD to establish itself in the Indian welding equipment market.

Our products include Arc Welding Transformer, Arc Welding Rectifier, Gas -Metal Arc Welding Machine, Plasma Cutting Set, Submerged Arc Welding Machine, MIG/MAG/ CO2 Welding Machine, Inverter Based Welding Machine and Welding Accessories. These products are designed using latest technology and mainly known for high performance and low maintenance cost. These machines are offered to client in various specifications to satisfy their industry requirement.

ADONWELD continue its effort with service after sales, and support with spare parts and services both inside and outside of the country with its welding materials manufacturing activities. We always provide our customer- Quality Products, Competitive Price, On- Time Delivery and excellent services. We constantly strives to improve its performance on its products keep to insure its products are reliable and cost efficient. We are your reliable partner in welding industry in India and we are willing to grow up and develop with our customer and partners together.


To become the leading source provider for all your welding machine and cutting equipment and alongwith all welding accessories.


To provide “Complete Welding and Cutting Solutions” and Increase productivity by making your welding processes faster and easier.


Aim to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products, competitive price, on time delivery and excellent services.

our Story

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