Since 2019, ADONWELD has been your primary and reliable source for the welding and cutting equipment to meet all your  rental needs of any metal fabrication.We’re experts in helping you procure the right equipment for your projects. Our range of rental welding equipment includes ARC welders / Stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, AC / DC TIG welders and Plasma cutting machine. We serve industries of all sizes including construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing and educational.

ADONWELD carries a wide range of welding equipment available for rent. No matter what project you are working on, we provides all type of welding equipment you need to get the job done. Our rental equipment fleet includes:

You can select through our available welding rental equipment categories below  or contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Call us today – our professional staff stands ready to answer your questions and offer solutions for every project.

  • ARC welding machine for rent
  • TIG welding machine for rent
  • MIG / MAG welding machine for rent
  • TIG AC DC welding machine for rent
  • Stick welding machine for rent
  • Aluminum welding machine on rent
  • Air plasma cutting machine on rent
  • PUG cutting machine on rent
  • GAS cutting torch set on rent
  • Stud welders
  • Multi-operator welders
  • Submerged (SAW ) arc welders
  • Welding accessories

Benefits of Rental Welding Equipment

There are a few advantages to renting welding equipment rather than purchasing it yourself. The biggest benefit is that it’s often more affordable. If you do not do a lot of welding and therefore do not need welding equipment on-hand at all times, it often makes more sense to rent it rather than purchase it. You should consider how much use you will get from a specific piece of welding equipment when determining whether you should buy it or rent it. New welding equipment can be rather expensive, so if you are not going to get a lot out of it, you may be better off renting it.

The other benefit of renting welding equipment is that you can access the best equipment. If you buy your welding equipment, you might decide to go with older or used models to save money. But by renting the equipment, you do not have to sacrifice quality. You can rent all of the latest welding equipment and ensure you have the best equipment for the job.

Why Choose ADONWELD for Your Welding Rentals

There are two primary reasons why you should choose Adonweld for all your welding equipment needs:

Competitive Welder Rental Rates

With the largest welding equipment rental fleet in Mumbai, Adonweld  can provide you with competitive rental rates on Arc welding machine, TIG welding machine, TIG  AC DC welding machine, Pulse TIG welding machine, MIG /MAG welding machine and Plasma cutting machine. Get quotes on the most up-to-date welding equipment. Keep your fleet up to date and leave the maintenance to us.

Excellent Customer Service

Finally, we offer excellent customer service. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the exact equipment you need for your job. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with what they need in a timely fashion and not experience any issues with their rental equipment. We are as one of the largest and most-trusted welding equipment providers in Mumbai, we know the importance of exceptional customer care.

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