Multi-Function Welding Machine

tig welding machine

TIG Welding Applications 

TIG welding is an excellent solution for welding non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel (SS), magnesium, aluminum and copper. Suitable for other metals like titanium and Inconel can also be welded using the TIG process. The TIG welding process is slower than MIG welding, but offers the operator a higher degree of precision. It’s suitable for welding applications where high quality and accuracy are required. Gas purity is essential in the TIG welding process. The AWS recommends that shielding gases (mainly used in Argon Gas) be tested to ensure a purity of no less than 99.99 percent.

TIG Welder Rental Services 
Get a rental quote on TIG (GTAW) welders of TIG 200, TIG 300 AND TIG 400 welding machine. You can rent, lease or buy any number of TIG Welding machines from us. If you’re not sure exactly which TIG welder setup is right for the job, our equipment experts will gladly make a recommendation. We enjoy helping you find the exact equipment you need, and can often help you reduce your existing costs. Click on the Get a Quote buttons above to add any of our TIG welding machines to your quote request list.